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Fix Cut Haul

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Professional Handyman

We are a dedicated, qualified, licensed, insured company that works to build professional, lasting relationships; it's easy to see the Fix Cut Haul difference.

You name it, we’ll fix it. From porous plumbing to shattered shingles, from floor to rooftop, we are happy to bring qualified handyman services to your door. Let us help my contacting us today!

Our landscaping services are truly one-of-a-kind. From cutting your lawn to building your deck, we do everything with a professional-grade quality and dedicated service. See why St. Joseph trusts our services today!

Whether you need a post-storm debris cleanup team or a qualified, licensed demolition company, our hauling services will exceed your expectations. Efficient, friendly and professional, see what we can do for you.

We are Fix Cut and Haul

Fix Cut Haul, serving St. Joseph, Missouri and the surrounding areas, was born out of the demand for honest and hardworking professionals who knew the ins and outs of home improvement, and could do any job from furniture assembly to roofing. We watched as quality handymen were hanging up their tool belts, leaving a void in the industry for individuals with the knowledge to fix, repair and work hard that the newer generation of professionals just couldn’t fill. We missed the times when your plumber could perform professional-quality painting, or your electrician could cut the grass. Instead, we are left with highly specialized fields and the need for a dozen different companies just to maintain your home. We’ve solved that problem, and we’ll do it for you.

As a handyman service, we understand every home comes with maintenance chores, home improvements and home remodeling needs. But we feel it totally unnecessary to have to call three different contractors to complete these tasks. As a homeowner, property manager or investor, you demand a contractor who can act as your flooring professional, your repair specialist and the person you trust for quality remodeling projects. Just one phone call is all it takes and your problems are solved. All of them.

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Now your tile man can help you assemble your furniture, your countertops can be flawlessly installed by your carpenter, and all of these services can come to you at a price you love and can trust.

When your lawn company won’t do sidewalks, or your fencing company won’t replace the roof, Fix Cut Haul will do it all. It's time to renovate your exterior and add value to your property. Let us help!


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