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  1. Now is a Good Time to Consider St. Joseph Handyman Services

    Many times, there is a lot of effort that needs to be put forth when you decide to sell your home. Let's face it, you put off many small projects over the years and they definitely need to be completed before the house goes on the market. And consider this; there is no way you can get all those projects done on your own. Now is a good time to consider St. Joseph handyman services. One of the main …Read More

  2. A Few Reasons You Need to Hire Our St. Joseph Handyman Services

    In these modern times with all the luxuries technology offers us, you might think you can become an expert on nearly everything by simply watching a few videos on YouTube. But it is not quite that easy. For example, that time you watched the videos on how to change out your own brake pads only to nearly crash into the neighbors oak tree because you lost most of the use of your brakes. There are ju…Read More

  3. Since St. Joseph Handyman Services can be Busy in the Spring, So Fall is the Perfect Time to Implement Certain Home Improvement Projects

    Springtime brings new beginnings, so it makes sense to implement home improvement projects this time of year. But sometimes spring isn't the best time of year to implement some home improvement jobs. And since St. Joseph handyman services can be rather busy in the spring, the fall is the perfect time of year to implement certain home improvement projects. As the leaves begin to fall and temperatur…Read More

  4. By Utilizing Our Handyman Services, Your St Joseph Home Will Look Good Again

    Every home has a history of recurring repairs and other things that need to be done with it. We mean every house. If your not having to fix some minor plumbing issue, then your roof needs some work. If the plumbing and roof are fine, that is when you need to repair that broken screen or paint the family room, it is really a never-ending battle that few people actually win. And if you are pretty ha…Read More

  5. Landscaping is One of Our Handyman Services We Offer St. Joseph Residents

    Is something missing or is something not right? Do you feel that despite the fact you spend seemingly endless hours hard at work in your garden and on your lawn, you don't just see the results you envisioned? Perhaps what you need is a whole new perspective. Hiring a landscaping service will help you achieve the goals you desire to take your garden and yard to that next level. And lucky for you, …Read More

  6. Reasons to Hire Our St. Joseph Handyman Services

    All of those small repairs that need to be done around your home are just as stressful and taxing as those big home projects. This is especially true for those families who are as busy as ever, leaving them little or no time to get these projects started, much less completed. It is also difficult to complete many of these tasks if you lack the skills necessary to have them properly and safely done…Read More

  7. When Choosing Handyman Services for Those Projects Around Your St. Joseph House There are Tips You Should Follow

    When choosing handyman services for those projects around your St. Joseph house you just don't have time to get to, there are tips you should follow to ensure you hire the best possible handyman. Sure, you have done your homework and checked references, reviews on Yelp or Angie's List and even picked their brains concerning experience and other assets they possess, but that isn't always enough. We…Read More

  8. It’s Time to Look into Handyman Services for Those Much-Needed Projects in Your Home

    Let's face a few facts not all homeowners will readily admit, not all are terribly handy when it comes to home remodeling or other home projects. Sure, you may have spent a considerable amount of money on the various power tools you own, but when was the last time you used that jigsaw for anything other than cutting the trunk of your Christmas tree? Look, there is no shame in admitting that you ha…Read More

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Aaron is a very polite, hard working and ethical person.

Aaron is a very polite, hard working and ethical person. He was on time, very friendly and he takes pride in his work and staying within the quoted price. He stays late to clean up so that c…Read More

Liz B. - St. Joseph MO

The quality of work is excellent.

Aaron just wanted you to know how pleased I am with all of the work you did today. The quality of work is excellent. Thank you so much, I really appreciate everything you've done for me.…Read More

Christina L. - Hayward, CA

Fix Cut Haul responded immediately…

Fix Cut Haul responded immediately to my text to haul some miscellaneous junk. They set an appointment and then texted to say the could come an hour earlier. Yay! He was courteous and genero…Read More

Hilary B. - Oakland, CA


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